Week 15

Writing an Essay


  • If you are still struggling with a particular grammar point, you might find help at the following sites:

Week 14

Word Forms and Common Suffixes

  • ESL Gold.com: Word Forms (a good list of the most common suffixes)
  • Athabasca University: Word Forms (a fairly complete list of suffixes)
  • English Grammar: Word Formation (a good selection of cloze exercises at a variety of levels)
  • ESL Student Lounge: Word Formation (a good selection of cloze exercises)

Weeks 12 and 13

Descriptive Paragraphs

Prepositions of Location

Process Paragraphs – Additional Information

Weeks 9 and 10 Grammar

If you need to work on clauses (sentence types), work on:

  1. GrammarFlip – Clauses Defined
  2. GrammarFlip – Independent Clauses
  3. GrammarFlip – Subordinating Conjunctions
  4. GrammarFlip – Dependent Clauses
  5. GrammarFlip – Simple and Compound Sentences
  6. GrammarFlip – Complex Sentences

Quotation Marks:

Adjective Word Order:

Adjective Clauses:

If you need a little help with articles, check out the websites below:



Weeks 6 and 7 Grammar


Week 4 and 5 Vocabulary

Week 4 and 5 Grammar

Subject-Verb Agreement

Capitalization and Punctuation

Comma Splices, Run-Ons, and Fragments

Week 2 and 3 Grammar

Simple Present Tense

Simple Past Tense

Irregular Verb Lists

Irregular Verb Exercises and Games