The present progressive is used for an activity that is happening right now. The event is in progress at the time the speaker is saying the sentence. The event began in the past, is in progress now, and will probably continue into the future.

  • Mi Kyung can’t come to the phone right now because she is taking a shower.
  • It’s 1 o’clock. I am eating lunch at the cafeteria right now.
  • Kyung Jin and Min Jung are studying. I can see them in the library now.

The present progressive can also be used to describe something that is happening around now (e.g. nowadays, this month, these days, this year) even if it isn’t actually happening at the moment of speaking.

  • I am studying English this semester.
  • We are working hard these days.


I am studying.
{ You – We – They } are studying.
{ He – She – It } is studying.


I am not studying.
{ You – We – They } are not studying.
{ He – She – It } is not studying.


Am I studying?
Are { you – we – they } studying?
Is { he – she – it } studying?

Short Answer

Yes, I am. / Yes, { you – we – they } are. / Yes, {he – she – it } is.
No, I’m not. / No, { you – we – they } aren’t. / No, { he – she – it } isn’t.