New Job Butterflies


I have had many jobs in my life; however, I have never gotten used to those first weeks when everything is new. Even if the school or company has an induction program, I always feel extremely nervous. At each new place, I have to learn where various offices and rooms are located, the names of colleagues and bosses, and the new systems that are used. A new job is exciting because things are new, but I always I worry that I will make a serious mistake.

I have always found that it really helps if I have my own computer and a workstation with my name on it. If my colleagues can see my name on a sign, they feel more comfortable introducing themselves. Also, if I have a place to work, I can immediately start working. Working helps relieve the nervousness and quickly makes me feel like a useful part of the organization.Usually, at the end of that first week, everyone goes out for dinner and a few drinks. This always helps because everyone can meet in an informal setting and, by the end of one week, I usually know most of my colleagues and what my job requires so I am more relaxed.