Present Perfect 2

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the present perfect.
  1. I miss my mother and father a lot. I (see, not) them since I moved to Vancouver to attend the University of British Columbia.
  2. I like the movie Star Wars, but not as much as my friend. Abdullah (see) the movie, Star Wars, five times this year. I think he's a little strange.
  3. My mother (scold) me for 10 minutes because I didn't help her cook dinner. I was texting my friends.
  4. Since 2005, my family (live) in Calgary, where my father has a job.
  5. For five years, I (study) English at a private institute. My English has improved a lot and I will take the IELTS exam on the weekend.
  6. My older brother got a promotion last month. He (work) for Samsung Electronics for ten years, and he works very hard.
  7. Massood and Hamid (try) to enter Yale University twice. Unfortunately, they still haven't been accepted.
  8. A big building in my neighborhood (fall) down. Fortunately, no one was hurt.
  9. In the last three months, we (have) five quizzes in English 1.
  10. I (travel, never) to another country, but I want to go to Scotland next year.
  11. Even though it is a long drive, I (visit) my family twice this year.
  12. My sister (play) the piano professionallly for ten years. She is very good.
  13. The Vienna Boy's Choir (become) famous. They sing all over the world.
  14. In the past year, I (sleep) in class many times. It's a little embarassing when I get called on to answer a question that I haven't heard.
  15. Because I am thoughtful and discerning, I (never, watch) reality television.