Academic Word List Set 10a

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 10   11         12   13       
14        15           


3. using a object to represent another thing
5. refuse to accept or consider something
7. relationship between two groups represented by two numbers
8. give somebody official permission to do or use something
10. clear and accurate; exact
12. an idea, a belief, or an understanding of something
14. general direction in which something is changing or developing
15. a result that you try to achieve
17. do something or try to achieve something over a period of time
18. change something slightly in order to make it more suitable
19. use something in place of another


1. main; most important
2. the general health, happiness, and safety of a person; well-being
3. quality or state of being steady and not changing
4. a way of thinking or explaining something
6. form of something that is slightly different from an earlier form
9. connected with the mind
11. money that a government receives from taxes or that a business receives from selling something
13. somthing that you are trying to achieve; goal
16. the particular way in which something is done