Academic Word List Set 6 e

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   interaction      layer      Location      minority      outcome      philosophy      proportion      reaction      reliance      scheme      sex      specify      task      technique      validity   
  1. The number of students who forget to do their homework is a . Most of the students works hard.
  2. My friends took a large of my birthday cake. They didn't leave much for me.
  3. The of his claim was questioned by the judge. He did not get to keep the land he claimed.
  4. Students often get a better grade based on their with their classmates, so it is a good idea to work together.
  5. is important when one buys a house. Neighbors make your life better or worse.
  6. In many countries, it is illegal for employers to discriminate based on . Many people believe that men and women should be treated equally.
  7. Amy's to getting an 'A' on her essay was unusual. She was disappointed that she didn't get an 'A+'.
  8. Tiger Woods has excellent golf . His skill is truly remarkable.
  9. For a company to be successful, the upper of management must be intelligent and well-organized.
  10. What would you like me to do? I could reoganized the entire department if you wish.
  11. The company has a that they think will help them be successful.
  12. Many countries in the Middle East rely on oil as their number one resource. This has caused problems as the price of oil has fallen.
  13. What do you expect the of your hard work will be? Do you expect to be successful and rich?
  14. Do you have a well-thoughtout personal that guides you through your life?
  15. When you write a paragraph about cars, you should which car you like the most.