Academic Word List Set 9a

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      5     6        
   7             8   
     10         11     
15           16        


2. connected with education
4. knowing or realizing something
6. make somebody or something different
7. something that exists separately from other things and has its own identity
10. a continuous decrease in the number, value, quality, etc
12. all the people who were born at about the same time
15. happening or coming from outside a place or thing
16. an item in a legal document
17. a small change or improvement made to a law


1. the impression that a person or business gives to others
3. gradual development of plants and animals over many years
5. willing to understand and respect other people's behavior or thinking
8. equal in value, amount, meaning, or importance
9. to produce or create something
11. showing of hidden activities that are bad or illegal
13. the ability to put effort and enthusiasm into an activity
14. a rough written versin of something that is not yet in its final form