Capitalization and Punctuation 1

Find the capitalization and punctuation mistakes and correct them. You can ask for a hint if you need one, but it will reduce your score.
  1. am an engineering student at
  2. asked me to talk to him after
  3. university has a really nice library, doesn't
  4. will meet you in this
  5. are you
  6. mother worked really hard during .
  7. is the best teacher at the
  8. largest city in is
  9. has the worst air pollution in the
  10. of the leading electronics companies in the world is
  11. is it like working for
  12. is the prime minister of
  13. and will sign an
  14. you finish the homework your
  15. finished all of my homework except for my economics
  16. class would be hard for
  17. think any advanced speaking class would be hard for
  18. is a popular destination for
  19. brother wants to retire to an island next
  20. brother went to in last , didn't