Capitalization and Punctuation 2

Find the capitalization and punctuation mistakes and correct them.
  1. is a beautiful fall it's a good to sit outside with friends and chat now that our work is exams don't begin for another first exam is on the 22nd of I'm not very my easiest class, and already have an
  2. like fall in because the tree leaves change the air has a nice musty street vendors roast chestnuts and make boongabang (a bread snack with sweet red bean inside). sky is often bright the air is cool and
  3. visited us from he wasn't born parents emigrated from when he was 3 years he has lived in for most of his life, he has no like my uncle a lot because he always has a lot of interesting stories to
  4. new television cost $2,000 ow looking forward to watching all of my movies on a big screen you are can join
  5. mother bought a brand new she plans to drive to work every day because she doesn't like the crowded noisy bus that she has taken for the last ten