New Academic Word List 101-150 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   incredibly      inequality      interrupt      likelihood      monkeys      nuclear      periodic      presumes      progressive      punishment   
  1. The quiz on word parts was difficult. The section on roots was almost impossible to do. i think I failed.
  2. The earthquake and tsunami caused catastophic failure of the Fukushima reactor. The melted down and released radioactive waste into the air.
  3. The Canadian government is making large steps in fighting in the workplace. They have instituted strong laws forbidding discrimination.
  4. The for the students who plagiarized their essays was quite severe. They were all kicked out of the universtiy
  5. Please don't me while I am watching the game. I don't want to miss any of the action.
  6. Alexi is very . He supports gay rights, abortion, and protection for endangered species. His attitude is quite unusual for someone who I have always thought was a right wing conservative.
  7. My father has always opposed my wish to be an actor. The of him ever changing his mind is very slim.
  8. The fishing boat has been missing for two weeks after the storm. The Coast Guard that it sank, and they have called off the search.
  9. A group of protesters released ten from the research facility. They don't believe that research should be done on primates.
  10. I have headaches that seem to be caused by stress. They seem to occur once a month.