New Academic Word List 101-150 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   indicator      influential      interviewer      lump      nasty      physically      processor      projection      purely      recipe   
  1. The low tire-pressure is flashing. You should pull into a gas station and check you tire pressure.
  2. Every part of this plan is poor. The lack of funding, planning, and good management is a for disaster.
  3. Peter is a very businessman. He knows the mayor and many of the city councillors. He can easily get the project approved.
  4. Even though everyone wanted the project stopped, the council approved it on the basis of one man's argument.
  5. Some of the best minds in the country were sitting on the panel, and the asked them some very difficult questions.
  6. Something is wrong with the computer. The on the screen is impossible to read.
  7. Julie went to see the doctor because she found a on her shoulder. She couldn't remember injuring it, and she was worried that it might be a dangerous growth.
  8. Lately, I've been so tired . I wonder if I am sick. My body aches and I have no energy.
  9. Donald Trump is a particularly person. He is rude and insulting to everyone.
  10. My mother bought a new food . She's a great cook and she wants to be able to do more with the food she is preparing.