New Academic Word List 1-50 a

Fill in the blank with a word from the list below. Then click "Check."
   afterward      carriers      freely      importantly      meaningful      noisy      partial      readily      sexuality      supposedly   
  1. I have a lot of work to do this morning, but I should be finished by noon. I'll help you .
  2. No one could believe that the building had collapsed; , the contractor was good and the government inspectors had okayed it.
  3. Korean Air is one of the best around. I always fly with them and our company ships all of our goods by Korean Air.
  4. Many car company ads use to sell their cars. There is often a beautiful, scantily clad woman draped over the hood of the car for no apparent reason.
  5. The Eastern grey squirrel is an invasive species in Vancouver, and it is spreading throughout the forests on the West Coast.
  6. My brother accepted my offer to help him move this weekend. I didn't have to ask him twice.
  7. No, you can't borrow my car. It's brand new, and, more , you had an accident the last time you borrowed my car.
  8. From his living room window, John has a view of English Bay. He can see a very small part of the beach, but not much.
  9. The new Prime Minister has promised to make changes in the way the government operates. We all hope the the changes are big and that he doesn't make just cosmetic changes.
  10. I woke this morning because of a flock of crows outside my window. I can't believe how loud they were.