New Academic Word List 1-50 c

Frieda is on the bus. She's leaving a voice mail for her friend on the phone. Complete the sentences with the present progressive form of the verbs in the box.
   artistic      computations      generalize      locally      nationalism      painful      photographic      realistic      sometime      terribly   
  1. Maria's mother is very . She is a good potter, a great painter, and a concert cellist. She is very talented.
  2. The accident injured Peter . He was scarred and unable to use his right arm. He would have to work very hard to recover
  3. Are you sure that your are correct? These numbers don't look right. Could you double-check?
  4. The company promised to fill in the open-pit mine . They closed the mine two years ago and nothing has been done.
  5. You should be careful not to about your classmates. Just because someone is from a country that has created many good scientists doesn't mean that all of the people from that country are good at science.
  6. Yes, skills can be learned. Being a good photographer is not a genetic thing. Everyone can learn to take goo pictures.
  7. People should make a greater effort to buy food . This would reduce the amount of greenhouses gases used to transport the food, and it would support farmers living nearby.
  8. That bruise looks . How did you hurt yourself?
  9. Although can occassionally be good, it is most often used to make people feel that they are better than others. It often has a very nasty quality.
  10. I know that you want to go to Harvard to study, but is that ? Your grades are good, but not great. I doubt that you can get a scholarship, and you don't have much money.