New Academic Word List 1-50 d

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list given.
   continuity      goodness      interestingly      neat      outer      partial      planner      rewite      specialty      thickness   
  1. Mr. Smith hired his son to run the company so that there would be of the family line in running the company. He had taken over from his father and his father had taken over from his father.
  2. The of the washer was causing problems in tightening the bolt enough. Perhaps a thinner washer would work better.
  3. There are some questions about the of those cookes. They are high in transfat and calories, and they seem to have few nutrients.
  4. I know that you are an engineer, but what is your ? Are you a chemical engineer?
  5. Well, , I have no training in the area that I am working in. However, I have worked hard to overcome my deficiencies.
  6. The professor asked the students to their essays when it became apparent that they had misunderstood the requirements of the assignment.
  7. This deskis incredibly . There's not a paper out of place. All the pens, paperclips, and post-its are in cups or trays. It almost looks like no work is ever done there.
  8. I bought a new to help me keep organized this year. It has a nice leather cover.
  9. After hours of arguing, the committee had agreement on a new plan. Even though everyone was not on board, there were enough votes to get approval to move ahead.
  10. It is very cold today, a warm garment is necessary.