New Academic Word List 51-100 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   adaptation      bang      broadly      cheat      commentary      connector      correctly      disturbance      flipped      unemployed   
  1. The number of people in Vancouver has dropped in recent months as the economy has improved. More and more companies are hiring new employees.
  2. The car was going too fast and it on the corner. It landed on its roof. Fortunately, no one was badly injured.
  3. The timber wolf developed a long, thick coat as an to the severe cold in the northern mountains. The change helps it keep warm.
  4. During the exam the in the hallway upset the students. There was a lot of yelling
  5. The student was upset and dropped his books on the desk with a loud . The noise startled everyone and they all turned to see what was happening.
  6. Even though Maria didn't know the answers to most of the exam questions, the multiple choice nature of the test allowed her to guess every time. Luckily for her, she got a hundred percent on the exam and passed the course.
  7. The city council asked the developer to sketch out his plans . They weren't asking for specific details at this time, but they did want a rough idea of what was being proposed.
  8. If the development of South Vancouver was to proceed, a route to Richmond would need to be developed. Many people living in Richmond and South Vancouver traveled back and forth daily and needed a good road and bridge system to allow them to move quickly.
  9. The sports broadcaster provided for the game, but her strong bias against the visiting team was objectionable. She had many bad things to say about the opposing team players and coach.
  10. Many students use technology to on their exams. Some even have bluetooth connections with people outside the exam who relay correct answers.