New Academic Word List 51-100 d

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   accent      authorities      bleeding      calculator      clipped      complication      container      developmental      enormously      identification   
  1. Ahmed took a class to improve his pronunciation. He was worried that his would cause confusion when he spoke.
  2. When I went to vote, the monitors asked to see my , so I showed them my driver's license and my passport.
  3. Before the banner could be hung on the front of the building, we had to ask the for permission. The building manager gave us the okay.
  4. The truck you lent me helped in moving my things to my new apartment. There was so much stuff that it would have taken me days to move it all in my car.
  5. I wiped out on my bike and scraped my knee quite badly. It took an hour for the to stop.
  6. My parents are concerned about the effect of mobile technology on the growth of their children. They worry that their kids will not learn to interact face-to-face with others.
  7. Most work in the lab is done with a because the calculations are too complex to do on paper or in one's head.
  8. The radioactive material was put in a lead-lined . The large, heavy cylinders were then loaded on a truck and sent to a secret storage site.
  9. Because I needed to quickly access my phone and often had things in my hands, I my phone to my belt.
  10. The closure of the road was a that we hadn't counted on when we set the race course. We would have to move the route now.