New General Service List 1,051-1,100 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   advice      examine      federal      medical      percentage      prevent      sector      transfer      transport      weather   
  1. There is an election scheduled for October to elect a new government. The fate of the country hangs in the balance.
  2. My brother bought a new truck so that he could material for his construction company. The back of the truck is always full of bricks, wood, and sand.
  3. The government set up a committee to the effect of chemical dumping on the fish population. The group meets every month to look at the data that is collected and monitor how many fish are living in the lake and how many have died.
  4. My friend is working on a degree. He hopes to be a doctor some day.
  5. What is the of students at UBC who are studying business? I'm sure it if at least 20%.
  6. My father's is not always pleasant to hear, but his suggestions almost always turn out to be good.
  7. I need to go to the bank today to some money from my savings account to my chequing account.
  8. The number of people taking statins to heart attacks has risen in years. Statins seem to be quite effective in stopping heart disease.
  9. The last weekend was quite warm. The temperatures ranged from 20 to 25 degrees.
  10. The banking has been quite strong in recent years even though many other areas of the economy have struggled.