New General Service List 1,051-1,100 d

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   beat      conduct      count      displayed      hang      immediately      negative      payments      title      writer   
  1. I have been trying to support myself as a for years, but none of my books have sold very well.
  2. My mother my latest piece of art on the fridge. She wanted everyone to see it.
  3. You need to sit down . If you don't sit down right now, I'm leaving.
  4. I have a job working for the city. I have to sit at an intersection and cars. The city wants to know exactly how many cars use that intersection.
  5. The of my essay is "A Tangled Web." I think it illustrates the main idea well.
  6. You should that picture over the fireplace where everyone can see it. Do you have a hammer and nail?
  7. Will you a tour of the museum for the school children or should I show them around? They need someone to lead them around and explain everything.
  8. If you get a mortgage for a new house, you will have to make regular . Can you afford to pay $1,500 every month?
  9. I hung the blanket on the clothes line and it with a stick to get the dust out of it.
  10. The movie was so bad that the reviews were all . Not one reviewer had anything good to say about the film.