New General Service List 1,051-1,100 e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   annual      budget      chairs      collection      politics      ride      safe      stress      unless      wonderful   
  1. My boss is really tough, and my hours are long. The of my new job is killing me. I am really tired and worried all the time.
  2. My sister's of dolls is worth a lot of money. She must have hundreds of dolls in her room.
  3. I'm going to fail this course I finish this major essay. This essay is essential.
  4. The fees for my gym have gone up. I don't know if I can pay this much every year.
  5. I need find a new way to save money. I'm trying to keep to my , but I always seem to spend more than I want.
  6. The view from The Black Tusk is . You can see all the way to Vancouver and up and down the coast for miles.
  7. My new bike is very comfortable. The is smooth. I can go for hours.
  8. I'm not really interested in talking about . I don't understand how the government works.
  9. Do you think that walking around late at night is ? I sometimes worry about getting mugged even in my quiet, suburban neighbourhood.
  10. We did not have enough for everyone to sit around the table so some people stood along the wall.