New General Service List 1,101-1,150 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   award      aware      concert      correct      decade      delivered      extra      flat      responsible      revealed   
  1. Richmond is very . There are no hills or mountains.
  2. Who is for collecting the empty juice bottles? Is it one person's job?
  3. Is 'B' the answer to Question 3? I think it's right.
  4. We went to a last night in Stanley Park. Two bands played for three hours. The music was incredible.
  5. The sun broke through the clouds and the snow melted. The grass was for all to see.
  6. The last has seen tremendous growth in Vancouver's population. Since 1996, roughly 200,000 have been added to the population.
  7. The students were texting each other in class. They didn't think that the teacher was of their behaviour, but he knew what they were doing and wasn't pleased.
  8. Drivers should use care when driving at night in the rain. The roads are slick and the darkness makes it very difficult to see pedestrians. Drivers need more care than usual.
  9. I called Dominos to get a pizza . It arrived quickly and was delicious.
  10. Yuan received an for her excellent work in the class. She received a medal and a small cash gift certificate.