New General Service List 1,101-1,150 e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   alternatives      contrast      dinner      farm      handle      institutions      intend      paired      physical      radio   
  1. The between the two teams couldn't have been greater. The blue team played a ferocious attacking style while the red team sat back and played a solid defensive game. It made for an interesting game.
  2. Since I became a teacher, I have stopped doing labour. My old job in a sawmill was often tiring.
  3. The University of British Columbia is the oldest of higher learning in British Columbia. There are two campuses and more than 50,000 students.
  4. Most Canadians eat around 6 pm. This is the largest meal of the day for most people.
  5. The internet, blue tooth, and the invention of mp4 players have made much less popular for listening to music. Most people prefer to listen to their own music with no talk.
  6. I visited a friend's in Chilliwack last weekend. My friend has 50 dairy cows and a hundred chickens.
  7. Before choosing an engineering major, I want to think about my . I'm actually interested in music and art more than engineering. Perhaps a major in software programming would allow me to combine engineering, music, and art.
  8. My neighbour didn't to back into my car. I'm sure it was an accident.
  9. As soon as I touch the door on my Prius, my car door unlocks.
  10. The mallard ducks in the pond are almost all up. The male and female ducks follow each other around everywhere they go.