New General Service List 1,151-1,200 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   band      category      double      global      initial      library      satisfy      spot      trust      wave   
  1. The teacher had a great deal of in his students'. He was 100% sure that they would do their work independently and submit it on time.
  2. Sometimes, first impressions are misleading. But, my impression is that this is an excellent way to learn a language. I would, however, like to try it over a longer period of time.
  3. The new students seem quite good to me. What of student would you say they are? Hardworking? Just Average? Lackadaisical?
  4. In the middle of the field, you can see a where the grass has all been bent down. I think a dear was sleeping there last night.
  5. I'm quite nervous. There is a small of rough looking guys, drinking at the beach. I'm afraid that they might cause trouble.
  6. The new restaurant on campus tries hard to its new customers. The food is excellent and quite cheap. The service is also very good.
  7. As I was walking along the beach, a huge swept in and soaked me. It took me by surprise and the water quickly rose to my knees.
  8. I went to the last night to study for my exam, but there were some noisy students talking the whole time and it was difficult to concentrate.
  9. Ever since Amazon went , it has been hiring speakers of all languages to help them sell all over the world.
  10. Our latest assignment is the length of the previous one. Our first presentation only needed to be five minutes long. I don't think I can talk for ten minutes. This second assignment is going to be difficult.