New General Service List 1,151-1,200 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   advertise      fair      lay      nuclear      pain      presence      regular      respond      ship      speaker   
  1. Last weekend, when I was at Canada Place, a huge passenger docked. Thousands of people got off and spread throughout the city, looking at all of the typical tourist sights.
  2. My little brother destroyed my new stereo. He turned his music up so loud that the blew. Now, it sounds terrible.
  3. The quiz covered only the grammar that the students had already studied, so that thought that it was even though it was tough.
  4. My weekend activities always involve some form of outdoor exercise. Every weekend, I try to walk, hike, kayak, or ride my bike.
  5. I need some help with this big piece of glass. Can you help me it down on the grass beside the window?
  6. Today, while I was playing football, I got kicked really hard in the leg. I'm in a lot of . It hurts a lot.
  7. The boss has asked for your at the meeting today to answer some questions about the new project.
  8. My brother thinks I borrowed his car last week without asking. I keep telling him that I didn't do it, but he doesn't believe me. He keeps accusing me, and I don't know how to anymore.
  9. Apple computers are often marketed to younger, hipper, more rebellious buyers than other computer companies. They is interesting, creative ways.
  10. In recent years, energy has come under fire because of problems with safety and disposal of waste.