New General Service List 1,151-1,200 e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   experiment      guide      labor      launched      photographs      progress      scale      select      suit      truth   
  1. Many students had tried out for the basketball team this year. The coaches had to a group of twenty from the hundreds of hopefuls.
  2. With the widespread use of cell phones with cameras, everyone is taking pictures. Many of these are then uploaded to Facebook to be shared with friends.
  3. The police had caught the young man with a stereo and stolen credit cards in his backpack. They pressured him to tell the about where he had acquired the stolen merchandise, but he continued to lie and claim that he didn't know where it had come from.
  4. The expedition had never been to that part of the Amazon before, so they hired a who knew the area well.
  5. NASA a probe that would orbit Mars for two years before landing on the surface and sending back geologic data.
  6. For my brother's wedding, I had to buy a new . I don't really like wearing a jacket, vest, and tie, but I want to show respect to my brother, so I will do my best to look good.
  7. Our team has been working on our engineering project for three weeks, but we haven't made much . It seems like we are still at Step 1.
  8. Our was successful. We had discovered how to stop the cancer cells from growing. Now we needed to move from the lab to a commercial product.
  9. My father has been trying to lose a bit of weight for the last month. When he stepped on the this morning to weigh himself, he realized that he had reached his goal.
  10. My best friend, Roger, seems to be afraid of . He doesn't like to get his hands dirty or to work up a sweat. I hope he does well in his business classess so that he doesn't have to do any physical work.