New General Service List 1,201-1,250 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   combine      corner      emerged      expert      fully      heat      island      north      rain      scheme   
  1. To keep the birthday party secret, we needed a really clever . Let's make a plan and make sure that everyone but the birhtday girl knows.
  2. When you red and yellow paint, you get orange paint.
  3. Vancouver is a lovely city, but the is sometimes a problem. It is very difficult to do much outdoors when everything is wet.
  4. When the assignment is completed, hand it in to the professor. If anything is missing, do not hand it in.
  5. When you leave the English Language Institute, turn and walk for ten minutes. You should see the Museum of Anthropology directly ahead of you.
  6. I kayaked for an hour along the coast and saw a small just offshore. I paddled around it in half an hour. It didn't look like anyone was living there.
  7. My new bike is very expensive, so, when I needed repairs, I took in Mountain Equipment Co-op so that an could work on it. All of their mechanics have a lot of experience and training.
  8. I knew that my new puppy had done something wrong when I came into the room and saw him hiding in a of the room. I saw that my slippers had been chewed to pieces. He looked very guilty and a little sad.
  9. It is freezing in this room. Can I turn up the ? I like it to be about 23C.
  10. In the 1960s and 70s, it that smoking had a strong connection to lung cancer. The evidence had slowly piled up and it was clear that smokers were much more likely to get cancer than non-smokers.