New General Service List 1,201-1,250 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   audience      camped      cook      cool      demonstrate      favor      fees      lift      mistake      shaking   
  1. It was freezing cold and everyone began to shiver violently. I was so much that my body ached.
  2. The at the restaurant in my neighbourhood is excellent. I think she must have studied at a good culinary arts school.
  3. It snowed last night and it is quite outside now. I think the temperature is around -2C.
  4. I think that I will stop playing golf. The green for a round of golf are so high that I can't afford to play anymore.
  5. The skiers had skied into a dangerous area, and a helicopter had to fly in to them out. The helicopter picked them up with a long line.
  6. My friends and I hiked into the mountains and overnight. We all had small tents and sleeping bags.
  7. Can I ask a ? I left my wallet at home and I don't have any money. Could I borrow $20?
  8. The at the concert when wild when the singer walked into the crowd. Everyone was clapping and cheering.
  9. I'm sorry, but I think that you've made a . I didn't order a pizza. I think you have the wrong address.
  10. Our final project was supposed to our understanding of how to do presentations. We wanted to show the teacher how much we had learned.