New General Service List 1,201-1,250 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   artists      conflict      cultural      dear      feed      funny      senior      struggled      suggestions      technique   
  1. I have a lot of difficulty with my backhand shot. I need to work on my a little more. I think I might hire a tennis coach to help me, too.
  2. Her knowledge of Japanese aspects is impressive. She lived in Japan for twenty years and has studied Japanese art, music, and language extensively.
  3. I don't know what is wrong with this copier. Do you have any ? I'd like to get it fixed now because I really need to make these copies for my next class.
  4. Mr. Brown is my . He has been here for many years and has been teaching for longer than I have been alive.
  5. The demonstrations at Standing Rock are the result of a been the native people and an oil company. The demonstrators have been blocking access to the land, and the police have been arresting protesters.
  6. Many charitable organizations distribute food on the Downtown Eastside. They are there to hundreds of poor people.
  7. My brother is quite a guy. He is always telling jokes and making everyone laugh.
  8. I have with my diet for years. I have diabetes and I am constantly trying different ways to control my blood sugar levels. Even though I am careful, I don't always know what has caused my blood sugar to rise or fall.
  9. Mrs. Smith is a friend. I have know her for many years and love her very much. She is the kindest person that I know.
  10. I like to visit Granville Island often. There are many there and they do beautiful work. Some paint and some do ceramics.