New General Service List 1,201-1,250 e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   adopt      apart      chapters      distance      expense      football      investors      meals      river      roll   
  1. My two brothers are fighting and my role is to keep them until my parents can find a solution. As a result, I'm sitting between two angry young men.
  2. I was quite surprised at how good the were in the hospital. Both lunch and dinner were quite tasty.
  3. The from my house to UBC is about 12 kilometers. It takes me about an hour to cycle to work.
  4. I'm finding the of eating at work to be too much. It costs me more than twenty dollars a day to eat out. I can't afford this.
  5. It has been raining steadily for a week. The level is very high. If the water rises much more, it will flood my neighbourhood.
  6. Our new company is looking for . We need another million dollars to start production. Do you know anyone who would like to put money into our company?
  7. American is quite interesting. The quarterbacks are becoming stronger and are throwing a lot more touchdowns.
  8. Could you that blue ball to me? Please don't throw it. I'm not very good at catching.
  9. We have been trying for hours to arrange all of the small boxes in that container. I think that it's time to a new approach. Perhaps we need another big box.
  10. This book is huge. It's 2,000 pages and it has at least twenty .