New General Service List 1,251-1,300 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   failure      glad      objective      reaction      refuse      solve      spread      traffic      vary      weapon   
  1. Because of 911, airlines are quite concerned about people bringing anything onto a plane that could be used as a . Nothing that could be used to injure someone is allowed.
  2. The students in this class quite a bit in ability. Some students are quite strong and others are just beginning.
  3. This problem is taking a lot of time to . Perhaps we need to bring the team together and brainstorm some solutions. We need to understand what is wrong and fix it.
  4. I hate driving in Vancouver. The is often quite heavy. During rush hour, it takes me more than an hour to go from my work to my home. There are too many cars and trucks on the road.
  5. Sherman took his driver's test ten times and didn't pass any of them. His is undoubtedly the result of his agressive and undisciplined driving.
  6. If you don't want to work on the project this weekend, you can always to do so. It's not required. We can always work on it later.
  7. One of the nice things about multiple choice exams is that they are . There is always one right answer. It doesn't depend on whether the teacher likes the style of your answer or not. They are not subjective.
  8. I don't understand your . I said your haircut looks fine. Why are you upset?
  9. I like working at the big table. That way, I can my books and papers all over the place. It gives me so much more room to work at than the smaller cubicles.
  10. Roger's son was accepted at UBC. Roger was really . He had worried that his son would drift aimlessly through life for years before deciding what he wanted to do with himself.