New General Service List 1,301-1,350 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   bedroom      birds      equal      finger      manufacture      plus      repeat      ticket      topic      union   
  1. I didn't understand what the teacher said so I asked her to it. She was very patient and explained the homework again.
  2. Sasha broke his when he was playing basketball. Now he has it wrapped up with a splint to keep it from bending. The bandage on his hand makes it difficult for him to catch a ball.
  3. Mary put heavy curtains on her window to keep the street light from shining in and keeping her awake at night.
  4. Stanley Park is a good place to go to watch . In the winter, some are migrating, but many stay in Lost Lagoon or along the beach all the time.
  5. I bought a for the Lionel Richie concert on the weekend. It was quite expensive but the seat location is excellent. I'll be up front where I can see him clearly.
  6. The government asked Ford to its cars in Canada. Unfortunately, the production costs are quite high, so most of the parts are imported and assembled here.
  7. The class is made up of numbers of men and women. It's kind of nice to have a fifty-fifty split in gender.
  8. I don't like the for this essay. I don't really know much about recycling, so I can't say a lot about it. I'd rather choose my own subject to discuss.
  9. After weeks of freezing temperatures, the temperature today is around ten. It's nice to have warmer temperatures finally.
  10. I belong to a labour that protects my rights as a worker. They also work to make sure our salaries and benefits are good. It's a good organization to belong to.