New General Service List 1,301-1,350 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   anybody      bond      coach      eggs      employs      enabled      mountains      neighbour      shareholders      smoke   
  1. Vancouver is a great city to live in. The ocean is close by and there are beautiful snow-capped on the North Shore. I often go hiking there.
  2. The professor said that could answer, but no one volunteered an answer.
  3. There is a coffee shop in my neighbourhood that many foreign students. They are all here on working-holiday visas, and they all work part time while they are studying English.
  4. My brother and I have a very strong . We would do anything to help each other. We are close and spend a lot of time together.
  5. The warehouse was on fire. From a long distance, and flames could be seen rising from the building.
  6. Many had lost all of their money when the company went bancrupt. All of their shares were worthless.
  7. The team had been playing very poorly all season. As a result, the was fired. The team's owner wanted someone who could teach and control the players.
  8. Winning the lottery Shannon to travel the world freely. She could see places she had always dreamed of.
  9. My keeps parking his car in my parking spot. Even though he lives right next to me, he doesn't try very hard to get along.
  10. Every Saturday morning, I go to Denny's restaurant and have bacon and . I like them sunny side up.