New General Service List 1,301-1,350 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   bottom      colleague      fan      investigation      marriage      package      pleasure      provision      swim      unfortunately   
  1. Michelle was really looking forward to her Spring Break; , she became very sick with the flu on the first day of her break and spent two weeks sick in bed.
  2. I was puzzled by the new company policy, so I asked a to explain it to me. Because we worked in the same department, I thought that she would understand it.
  3. Pierre was ecstatic about his . His wife was kind and supportive. He loved her very much.
  4. The YMCA has a lot of classes at reasonable prices. I want to learn how to , so I'll take classes in the pool every Saturday. I would really like to feel more comfortable on the water because I like to kayak. I'm always a little nervous, though, about falling into the water and drowning.
  5. It is about 35C. It's too hot. I'm glad that I have a to keep me cool.
  6. After some thieves broke into my house, the police started a serious . My house was only one of ten that had been broken into in my neighbourhood. The police were looking into everyone who knew that I was away for a week.
  7. I looked into my coffee cup and, on the , was a dead fly. Yuck! I can't believe that I drank all of the coffee without noticing.
  8. I had ordered several books from Amazon and was pleased to find a waiting for me when I got home. That nice little box promised hours of enjoyable reading.
  9. My new Lumos cycling helmet was a to wear. It was comfortable and light. The fact that it had turn signals and a headlight was really cool. I really liked wearing it.
  10. One of the Vancouver parking law is that you cannot park closer than 5 meters to a fire hydrant.