New General Service List 1,351-1,400 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   components      council      desire      divided      hate      museums      settled      soldier      strength      whereas   
  1. After arguing for hours, we finally on a payment for the damage to the building. We were not happy to have to pay, but we didn't accepted that we were partly responsible for the damage.
  2. The student met to discuss the upcoming election. The president and vice president were not going to run again, so new candidates had to be put forward.
  3. Our class project had many , but the most difficult part was the presentation. The research, survey, and essay were actually quite easy.
  4. I love . UBC has several really interesting ones. I really enjoy wandering through the exhibits and looking at the old artifacts.
  5. Michelle had no to study for a PhD. She had already spent seven years at university, and now she wanted to work. She really didn't want to spend more time sitting in classrooms.
  6. The of the student's conviction was clear in her well-prepared, well-structured presentation. She had left no stone unturned, and she left no room for disagreement. Her voice shook as she spoke passionately.
  7. After the divorce, Peter and Sheila their assets equally and walked away without anger.
  8. The stood without moving as the protester put a flower in the barrel of his gun. It was a moving moment. The military had decided not to attack the protesters.
  9. My brother is an incredibly disciplined and hardworking young man my sister is quite messy and lazy.
  10. I don't care if people smoke. It is legal and it is their choice; however, I that fact that many smokers toss their cigarette butts and packages on the ground. I'm afraid I get really angry about it sometimes.