New General Service List 1,351-1,400 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   apparently      battle      boat      connect      expanding      hardly      mostly      powerful      shoulder      waste   
  1. The storm was incredibly . Trees throughout the city were ripped up and fell onto houses and powerlines. Half of the city was without power for days. Five people were killed by falling branches.
  2. I was playing volleyball last night when I hurt my . Now, I have difficulty lifting my arm.
  3. Please turn off the lights when you leave the room. Don't electricity.
  4. I don't like doing hours of meaningless grammar exercises. While some of the exercises are helpful, ninety percent of the material is stuff I already know.
  5. Naomi left most of her food on her plate; , the chef had done a poor job of preparing her dinner.
  6. My father hasn't been doing much exercise, and my mother's cooking is fantastic. As a result, my father's waistline is rapidly. I'm a little worried and I think he should lose some weight.
  7. The government built a bridge to the two towns. It used to be difficult for people on one side of the river to get to the other side. Now, it is just a short drive.
  8. Hiromu bought a new . His last one sank in a storm.
  9. The new student did any work. The teacher was puzzled by this behaviour. Usually, new students try to catch up with the work they missed. Carlos, on the other hand, didn't try to catch up and didn't seem to care if he failed.
  10. The for Allepo dragged on for many months before the government forces finally took control. Thousands had died and hundreds of thousands had lost their homes.