New General Service List 1,351-1,400 e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   breath      broad      burned      delivery      engaging      extremely      gathered      jump      religious      sum   
  1. The building on the corner was on fire, but the fire department came and put it out. Unfortunately, three apartments had . They were completely destroyed.
  2. If you like to , perhaps you should play volleyball or basketball.
  3. The tourists were sad that the Stanley Park Seawall was closed because of the storm. They had traveled a long way to see one of Vancouver's premier sights, but would have to leave without walking around the park.
  4. The mouth of the Fraser River is . It would be difficult to swim from one side to the other it is so big.
  5. Take a deep and see if you can hold it for three minutes. Most people cannot.
  6. I waited at home for my from Amazon. I expected it yesterday, but it didn't arrive. I had ordered a new camera and really wanted to go out and take some pictures.
  7. My wife and I had been saving most of our salaries for years, but the of our two salaries was still insufficient to buy a house in Vancouver.
  8. When the fire alarm went off, everyone in front of the builidng and waited for the fire department to come and investigate.
  9. The ceremony had a quiet component that was quite moving. Most people participated or stood quietly even if they did not believe.
  10. The plot of the book was . Anyone who took time to read it was moved deeply and found it difficult to put down.