New General Service List 2,001-2,050 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   beauty      calm      chip      enterprise      excused      perfectly      plastic      proof      repair      rural   
  1. To protect the sofa during storage, we put a cover on it. It was a clear, soft sheet that covered the sofa completely.
  2. The accused criminal was released by the police because they had no that he was guilty. There were no fingerprints or DNA evidence.
  3. I broke my brother's computer, but he me because he knew it was an accident. He couldn't blame me for something that was not really my fault.
  4. I took the computer to the shop to get fixed, but they said they couldn't it. It needed to b replaced.
  5. When I feel stressed I try to get out of the city and see life at a slower pace. Any setting makes me feel better. I just need to get out into the countryside.
  6. The industry can have very negative effects on young people if it pushes the ideal of slender, fit people as being the ideal. This can make ordinary youth feel ugly.
  7. My brother is an entrepreneur. He'll invest in any that he thinks will make money.
  8. Hey! Don't get so angry. You need to down. Relax. Take a deep breath.
  9. This jacket fits me . I can't imagine getting a better fitting jacket even it were tailormade.
  10. The in my new computer is awesome. My computer is lightening fast even when I'm multi-tasking. Intel makes the best processors.