New General Service List 2,001-2,050 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   analyst      bet      capable      complicate      freeze      luck      preserve      thick      unusual      update   
  1. The temperature is forecast to drop to -10C tonight. Everything is going to . I'll have to scrape ice off my windshield for sure.
  2. My professor thinks that I am very . He trusts me to set up and run the experiment on my own. He trusts me to collect and analyze the data, too.
  3. I have a lot of trouble dealing with my addiction to gambling. Last night, I placed a large on the Vancouver Canucks. Fortunately, they won, and so did I.
  4. I downloaded the latest to iOS9. There was security issue that needed to be patched. The download didn't take very long.
  5. Why do you always things? This problem is quite small but you are making a big deal of it. Please let it go. It's not important.
  6. The city council voted to part of Kerrisdale as a heritage area. Old houses cannot be destroyed. The council is trying to keep the unique nature of the neighbourhood.
  7. I can't believe my good . I didn't prepare for the exam, and the professor was sick today, so the exam was postponed and I have another day to study.
  8. My uncle is very . He dresses like he is still living in the '70s and he has a mullet. Most people think he is a little odd.
  9. The textbook for my chemistry class is really . I think it's more than a 1,000 pages. It also weighs a lot.
  10. My aunt is an for the Royal Bank of Canada. She works every day examining and predicting changes to Canada's economy.