New General Service List - 2,051-2,100 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   boundary      evaluate      minority      nose      restrictions      smart      split      ultimately      unemployment      wheel   
  1. You have been testing the students for weeks. How long will it take you to their skill level? How long will it take you to decide how good they are?
  2. Interestingly, Boundary Road is the between Vancouver and Burnaby. It runs from the north side of each city to the south side, clearly marking the divide between the two cities.
  3. What are the on e-cigarettes? Can you "smoke" them indoors? Are the rules the same as for regular cigarettes?
  4. The city didn't want to pay for the land, but, after years of court battles, they paid the land owners the full price. The people of the city are the winners because the land will be developed, and the development will improve both the environment and economy.
  5. I decided to add another reading assignment even though a small of students claimed that they were already doing far too much much work. The fact that one or two students didn't want the extra work shouldn't affect the workload for the entire class.
  6. I was playing basketball with friends on the weekend and, when I wasn't paying attention, my friend threw me the ball. It hit me square in the face and broke my .
  7. Because of the many good government policies, the business environment has improved and has decreased. There are far fewer people without jobs now than last year.
  8. The package fell on the floor and the wrapping paper , spilling the contents on the floor. I had to pick everything up and wrap it again.
  9. My mother is very . She has two PhDs, and she has invented three high-tech diagnostic machines for use in hospital operating rooms.
  10. While I was riding my bike this morning, I hit a curb really hard and bent my . The wobble made it impossible to ride.