New General Service List - 2,051-2,100 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   crucial      gender      inches      intervention      numerous      partly      pension      rapidly      revolution      traced   
  1. I worked for the school district for many years. When I retired, I continued to receive a fair amount of money each month. I'm really glad that I contributed to the school district plan.
  2. It is illegal in Canada to discriminate against someone based on their . Whether someone is male or female can not affect hiring decisions.
  3. I don't agree with entirely. You are correct but the fact that you know one thing doesn't mean that I have to do things your way. You need to understand the problem in its entirety.
  4. When Canada changed to the metric system, we stopped using feet and when we measured length. We now use centimeters.
  5. For many years, the government had treated the people badly. Many government ministers stole money from the taxes people paid. Finally, the people had enough and a took place. They overthrew the government.
  6. The train was approaching the crossing . Many people were surprised by the speed with which it arrived. It usually travelled much more slowly as it entered the station.
  7. My brother was drinking too much and my family planned an . We sat him down and talked to him about the problem. We removed all the alcohol from his house and offered to pay for his rehab.
  8. The inspectors the source of the pollution to a chemical plant many miles from the coast. The pollutants were analyzed and proved that the company was to blame.
  9. In Stanley Park, there are Canada geese. In fact, there are too many. They eat all the grass and make a mess everywhere.
  10. Tardiness is a serious problem. Punctuality is for the class to function well. If you are late, instructions must be repeated and missed work made up later.