New General Service List - 2,051-2,100 e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   anymore      confusing      database      dramas      educate      emphasis      entertainment      equation      intellectual      spelling   
  1. If you want to improve your vocabulary, you should put on studying the New General Service List and the New Academic Word List. Extra work on this vocabulary will give you the most useful vocabulary development.
  2. The teachers are trying their hardest to their students. The teachers hope that the students will learn a lot and develop their language skills.
  3. I'm quite impressed with your ability. You are perhaps the smartest woman I know.
  4. The industry is struggling because of illegal downloading of music and movies. The cost to singers, actors, and studios is enormous.
  5. I am really struggling to understand this physics . Trigonometry is not something I find easy. The numbers are incomprehensible.
  6. If you struggle with , it is useful to read recorded books. Being able to see and hear words can help with the sometimes strange way that words are spelled in English.
  7. I don't love you . I can't believe that you don't like cats. How did I not know that before? I could never love someone who doesn't like cats.
  8. On the weekend, I went to see a Shakespeare play. I love . I enjoy watching stories with serious, thoughtful plots.
  9. The plot of the new TV drama was very . No one could tell what the story was about. When the show ended, everyone was puzzled.
  10. My website has an off-shore that is causing some privacy concerns. Many customers are concerned that their private data is being kept in another country.