New General Service List - 2,101-2,150 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   achievement      cooperation      deeply      edition      eliminate      episode      gate      scream      silver      web   
  1. This book is very valuable. It's the first of Sherlock Holmes mysteries. It has been reprinted many times, but this is an amazing first print.
  2. The teacher has asked for our . He wants us all to work together to complete the project.
  3. What an amazing that is. How did you develop such a cheap and efficient machine that cleans up oil spills. What you did is remarkable.
  4. The mayor cares about assisting cyclists in the city of Vancouver. He has developed bike paths and added cyclist controlled lights at many intersections to help make cycling safer.
  5. Be sure to lock the when you go out. If you don't, someone may get in.
  6. The university is working hard to waste. They brought in a special group to see if there were any unecessary expenses that could be cut out.
  7. The neighbours called the police when they heard a horrible . It sounded like someone was being murdered.
  8. The internet is an amazing series of computer and server connections that spreads thoughout the world like a .
  9. I was working last night and I missed the lastest of my favourite TV series. It's a good thing that I recorded it.
  10. I didn't want to invest in gold, but I thought that was a safe investment. It is a useful metal that is used to make many things, including knives and forks.