New General Service List - 2,101-2,150 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   agenda      cable      convert      electricity      innovation      pub      transition      unknown      volunteers      wing   
  1. A small bird crashed into the living room window. I went outside and found that it had damaged its and couldn't fly. I took it to the vet and paid for the bird's treatment.
  2. My neighbourhood tries to be responsible. They won't continue to serve alcohol to people who seem to be drunk; the bartenders often take away their keys and call them a taxi.
  3. The touch screen has been an incredible . It allows people to do many things on their phones, tablets, and computers without using a mouse.
  4. The internet has been slow because the running from Europe to North America broke. The line that carries signals for millions of computers was damaged by an underwater earthquake.
  5. The candidate running in the latest federal election is relatively , so she has to go out and talk to people much more than any other candidate. She needs to make sure that people know who she is.
  6. Before the meeting, the manager passed out an so that everyone know what was going to be discussed. She wanted everyone to discuss the items in order.
  7. I can't listen to the sound file you sent me unless you it to an mp3 format. The file has an unusual format.
  8. The from high school to university is sometimes a difficult one. Many young people have difficulty with the change. At university, students are expected to be much more independent.
  9. I can't force you to do this work. Are there any ? I need someone to step up and do it even though it is not for any marks.
  10. There was a terrible storm last night and we have no this morning. I don't know how I can live with being able to make a cup of coffee.