New General Service List - 2,101-2,150 d

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   coverage      forecast      honest      negotiate      preparation      prize      slight      specialist      unlikely      zone   
  1. The repair job looks difficult. I think we need to call a . This doesn't look like something that just anyone can fix.
  2. I'd like you to be . Does this shirt make me look fat? Please don't tell me a lie.
  3. The news of the federal election is quite biased. Most of the interviews are supportive of the ruling party and critical of the opposition parties.
  4. At the aquarium, they have a splash near the killer whale pool. If you stand in that area, you are likely to get quite wet.
  5. There is a chance of passing if you don't attend class. A few students with poor attendance have managed to pass, but it is unusual.
  6. At the PNE on Sunday, I won a huge stuffed animal for my girlfriend. Of course, it cost me a hundred dollars to win that .
  7. The union and the university have been discussing the new contract for eight months. Each side is trying to the best contract it can. There's a lot of back and forth arguing and discussing going on./li>
  8. I have a long weekend coming up and I hope the weather is accurate. It says that it will be sunny every day.
  9. Careful is necessary before you go hiking. You need to have enough food, water, and flashlights before you go. If you get lost and need to stay out over night, you want to be able to survive.
  10. I think that running at least three times a week is necessary to be successful. You are to be successful in running a marathon if you don't practice for a few months.