New General Service List - 2,101-2,150 e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   arrival      cracked      era      fault      formula      grand      pitched      pollution      roof      supporters   
  1. Do you have a special plan that you follw or do you just leave everything to chance? What is your for success?
  2. The Canuck ran out into the street cheering after their team won. They were all wearing Canuck shirts and caps.
  3. The developer had a slide show and a model to encourage the city council to accept his plan. He his proposal for a development of the property along False Creek.
  4. The new coffee machine leaked all over the counter. Who is at ? Was it installed correctly? Did someone break it?/li>
  5. After the storm last night, the snow was piled high on the of the building. It was necessary to climb up and scrape it off. If the snow was left too long, the weight would cause the building to collapse.
  6. When I was driving, a rock was kicked up by a passing truck. It hit my windshield and it. Now I will have to get it replaced.
  7. The modern has seen the rapid development of technology in many areas of everyday life. Much of this development has taken place in the last twenty years.
  8. The industrial revolution has caused a huge increase in levels of . Many factories have created large amounts of toxic waste.
  9. My brother's unexpected in Vancouver was a great surprise. We hadn't expected him to get here until next week.
  10. The new hotel is the tallest building in the city. It has an innovative design and has a small carbon footprint. It is incredibly beautiful. It's quite .