New General Service List - 2,151-2,200 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   assure      detect      digital      elderly      everyday      inspired      knee      perception      solid      sweep   
  1. I recently read a biography of Mahatma Gandhi. I am very to do good things with my life. I hope that I can be even a little like him.
  2. Were you able to the gas leak in the kitchen? I can't smell anything now, but it was strong earlier.
  3. Part of my routine is to get up early and meditate for half an hour. I try to do the same thing every day.
  4. Canada needs to think of strategies to deal with issues related to the increasing numbers of people. As healthcare improves, more and more people are living longer and longer.
  5. My friend has been exercising really hard every day and her muscles are very . Her muscles feel like rocks.
  6. I you that I am very reliable. I can show you references from previous jobs that say I am always on time and always do everything that I am asked to do.
  7. My brother was playing basketball yesterday when he twisted his . He is walking with a limp now.
  8. I have more gadgets in my room than most people own. There is always something charging or blinking. I have an iPhone, a iPad, a couple of laptops, and a TV or two.
  9. Please up the chips you spilled on the floor. There is a broom in the closet.
  10. My of the company's policy on maternity leave is quite positive. I think that they are very generous in allowing a lot of time off.