New General Service List - 2,151-2,200 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   albums      anger      beneath      clouds      dimensions      extensive      pouring      prisoner      translate      whisper   
  1. We are in the library. Please if you need to talk. If you talk too loudly, you will bother the other patrons.
  2. That's the first book in the series. You should put it the others. It belongs on the bottom of the pile.
  3. I love the on a cool autumn day. They are often big and fluffly white.
  4. The Vancouver Sun has had coverage of the federal election. There is something in the paper every day.
  5. The police were escorting the from the jail to the courthouse when he escaped.
  6. I am a little worried. My road rage is quite bad. I don't know where the is coming from, but I often get mad at other drivers.
  7. My friend is a little old fashioned. He doesn't like digital music. He has hundreds of vinyl .
  8. It has rained really hard for weeks. The water is down the mountain. The rivers and streams are overflowing.
  9. The shop hired a young woman who would be able to the manuals that were in Chinese. None of the other employees spoke Chinese so it was important that someone could convert the manuals into English.
  10. Do you have a tape measu? What are the of your den? Do you really think it is large enough for you new big screen TV.