New General Service List - 2,151-2,200 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   assist      bend      contraint      deposit      expansion      hunt      satisfaction      shadow      tight      truck   
  1. In the autumn, many people go out into the forests of B.C. to for deer, moose, and bear. Most hunters use guns, but a few are bow hunters.
  2. The new office tower casts a long on a nearby park. It feels strange sometimes to be walking in the sun on a familiar path and suddenly step into cool darkness where there never used to be shade.
  3. One on my behaviour is the company rule that does not allow me to talk to competitors without prior approval.
  4. Southwest Marine Drive is a busy route and traffic is often heavy and slow in the mornings. There are a lot of semis and cement mixers.
  5. The of the Port of Vancouver has been dramatic. There are many new docks and facilities to handle the huge increase in business.
  6. I set up the direct of my salary every month. The company puts the money in my bank account automatically.
  7. To get the mattress up the stairs and into the bedroom, we had to it. It was too big to go through the door without folding it in the middle.
  8. There is a lot of work to be done. Can you Peter with the project? He needs help or he will be here all night.
  9. I have worked hard this semester and I've improved a lot. My knows no bounds. I am really pleased with myself.
  10. I tied my shoes too and now my feet hurt. Perhaps I should loosen the laces.