New General Service List - 2,151-2,200 e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   alter      beer      ease      essay      mood      string      territory      virtually      welfare      wet   
  1. Canada has a very good social system. People who really need assistance living can get . This provides them with money and benefits to help them get by.
  2. There are many areas of Canada that First Nations people have claimed as their . They believe that the land was their historically and that they still own it.
  3. After classes ended for the year, I felt a great sense of . I was much happier and more relaxed now.
  4. Pharrell Williams' song, Happy, usually puts everyone in a good . Most people can't help smiling when they hear it.
  5. I have had every phone that Apple has made. I like their phones more than any other companies'.
  6. I tied the parcel with a long piece of . That and some tape should keep it from opening until it is delivered.
  7. Peter wanted to his appearance, so he grew a beard and dyed his hair. Most people don't recognize him now.
  8. The professor asked the students to write an and hand it in at the beginning of the next class. 1,000 words seemed like a lot to write but I was sure I could to it.
  9. I have a blinding headache. I don't think I should have drunk so much last night.
  10. No one was expecting it to rain this afternoon. We all got when walking between buildings.