New General Service List 2,201-2,250 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   devote      false      hero      mature      owe      pace      random      steady      stream      trail   
  1. I started off on the in the morning and walked for hours. I finally reached the top of the mountain in the afternoon. The path was quite rocky and it was a long trip.
  2. My neighbour ran into the street and picked up a child who had fallen just before a car would have hit her. He is a . His actions were incredibly brave./li>
  3. I really like to go fishing in the behind our house. The water is clear and cold, and the fish are plentiful.
  4. The SPCA never has enough workers to take care of all the animals. I always like to a couple of hours a week helping out.
  5. I bought a new car last weekend. I had to take a loan and, now, I the bank $50,000.
  6. Even though I was tired, my hand was . When I picked up my coffee cup, it didn't shake a bit.
  7. I didn't really care which shirt I wore. I picked one at from the closet. I just grabbed the first one that I could reach.
  8. The of the race was too fast for me and I quickly fell behind. Most of the runners were much better than I and they ran much faster.
  9. My sister is only fifteen, but she is very for her age. She has been accepted to UBC even though she is very young. The university is confident that should will do as well as the older students.
  10. The convict gave testimony. The judge and jury were not convinced by his lies.