New General Service List 2,201-2,250 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   attributes      constitute      curved      entrance      height      Initially      measurements      parallel      persuade      wound   
  1. My brother and I followed tracks in our studies even though we studied at different universities. We both loved economics and studied similar courses. We graduated at the same time with the same degrees.
  2. When I stopped the robber, he stabbed me with a long knife. The was deep and bled profusely. I almost died.
  3. I worked really hard. , I had difficulty understanding the vocabulary, but, after a few weeks, the reading became easier.
  4. I had to pay careful attention to my driving. The road sharply as it wound around the mountain. Eventually, it straightened up.
  5. My father my intelligent to my mother's genes. He says that his side of the family is more hardworking than intellectual.
  6. My car, two bikes and a big screen TV my entire wealth. It doesn't seem like I own much.
  7. The of the Living Shangri-La hotel is 201 metres. That makes it the tallest building in Vancouver.
  8. It was very hard to take while standing on the boat. It kept moving and made it difficulty to hold the tape measure steady.
  9. Is there anything that I can say? How can I you to help? I really need some assistance and I have helped you many times in the past.
  10. Manuel always makes a grand when he comes into the classroom. He makes sure that everyone looks at him.